The Life I Love 'Hardcover'


You can't buy happiness, so why not embrace the LIFE YOU LOVE? Imagine the freedom to live life unapologetically doing exactly what you love doing.


The "Life I Love" is an anthology of true stories revealing transformations that lead to living a life worth celebrating while embracing the NOW!


It makes no difference how many peaks you reach if there is no pleasure in the climb. Each chapter is a journey readers take with authors to mountain top experiences, conquering the peaks and valleys.


Readers will experience authors' intimate remembrances of the things the hold close to their hearts. These stories are evidence of the grace given for service and God's divine timing regardless of what our circumstances are. Get ready to dream BIGGER and live BOLDER!


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"The Life I Love" will inspire, comfort and give you hope for a life you've only imagined. As you read these stories of triumph and faith you will discover that no matter the pain, past or hardships you face, there is an amazing life of Joy you can love, waiting in the arms of Jesus." 

-Tina Joy Cochran - Founder, Sword of Joy Academy


"As a man I was moved by each “Life I Love” experience. My “lil sis” Rochinda Pickens administrated a healthy dose of real life experiences in this book. She allowed herself to be used in order that others see salvation! I am so impressed how she flows without fear. And proud that she continues running towards excellence. 

After reading, I couldn’t help asking what role we men play in moving our mate's/family's life experiences north or south, specifically, systemic behaviors relating to a man's nurturing habits and just being a good dude.

In some instances, I can relate to the writer's experience such as in Pains Purpose. The writer shares "I believe my dedication to tasks and hard work was birthed in the pain of poverty." Birthing is so sweet when you start from the bottom! As a believer, I think poverty develops the spirit. Other entry's such, as Through the Valley, left me feeling the pains of the writer, Linessa. In both situations, as a man, I reflect on how I could have made the situation easier while not being a secondary cause. 

My favorite Proverb was embraced within; A smile makes people happy. Good news makes them feel better. Proverbs 15:30  - NIV ("Light in a messenger's eyes brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones"). Live by this... Valley experiences are inevitable, finding strength to maintain positive emotions is beneficial to health and happiness. I am encouraged that the writer finds life value in this scripture. 

All my brothers need to read this table book, pray, and do better by all people especially women. Womans emotions are much more evident than those of man, to include her will to live right through good and bad, pain and sufferings. 

 I leave you with Shannon's awesome paragraph: "Now I get to live the life that I love because I decided to trust God and leap out on faith.....He needed me to show Him that I am obedient and faithful to handle all His blessings!" In closing, this book will be encouraging to anyone who is worthy of a storm experience and those in position to help lead others out of dark days. Thank you Rochinda! You are a huge blessing to many. Keep growing and sharing;  In all cases, give God the Glory!"

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"From motherhood and careers to self doubt and new beginnings, the Life I Love covers so many different challenges that women experience daily.  The beauty is that it gives women who are silently struggling, hope that things do get better, comfort that they are not alone, and courage to tell their own story. 


It is real in that it shows fear, failure, disappointment, and vulnerability.  Yet it is encouraging as it details different accomplishments and successes.  Regardless of any obstacle, The Life I Love shows that whether through faith, the support of your family and friends, or your own perseverance, you can live a life you love."  


~ Alexandra L Morgan DVM~ Atlanta GA

The Life I Love 'Hardcover'


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