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10 Instances Where God Will Never be Enough

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

As the plane began descending, I did what I usually do and look down onto the earth below me. Everything looked like miniature dollhouse pieces scatted about colorful spaces of land with no real rhyme or reason. This was the last leg of a business trip and I could not wait to turn the key to my door, drop my luggage, and melt into my sofa. It always takes an hour or so to muster up the strength to strip off my clothing and the three weeks prior.

I had it all mapped out. I cataloged the evening which, to my delight, would involve unwinding in the arms of my man. For that part, I was planning to freestyle. As long as liquor and a body of water were involved, I knew whatever we adlibbed would make my time away a distant memory. As the clouds started to part, the objects below me were beginning to resemble life-sized necessities. I sat back into my seat and trusted the landing would be like all before and indeed it was. A controlled yet forceful impact of the wheels to the tarmac and in a matter of moments I’ll be at the gate; that much closer to that body of water and that man’s body.

I could do this routine in my sleep. I summoned my Uber and began the hustle to Door 3 when a traveler in a hurry bobbed and weaved through the crowd then performed an NFL worthy pivot to avoid running into a stroller - just clipping my arm. I went from reading the license plate of my ride to watching my phone soar two gates in front of me then slide across the laminate tiled floor.

And like that my phone and that fool were gone. Piss-tos-city (yeah, I made that word up) covered me like the blanket mom used to tuck me in on a chilly Chicago Christmas night. What the hell! And to make things worse my drama at that moment was mine and mine alone. The pace of the crowd was unrelenting. I ran while pulling my luggage chasing my phone as it slid like an ice hockey puck until it finally smashed into the podium in front of the Mexican restaurant.

The screen was black with cracks that strategically seemed to look like a clown crying. I wanted a reason to completely lose my mind at that moment but what I needed to do was try and figure out if I could remember the plate number of my ride. Damn! I couldn’t. So now, I needed to get to a phone. Who knew there were still payphones in Chicago O’Hare airport in 2018? Woohoo! Phones that want you to use your credit card and be charged prison rates per minute, Boooo!!! Adding to my frustration, I have to stand there like an airhead and try to remember phone numbers! Jesus be a fence and a teleportation device!

Is a naked man in water with wine after 3 weeks away too much to ask? In the end, three hours later I’d made it from the airport home. The only thing that went according to my plan that night was that routine landing. I trusted in the one thing I had no control over and by God’s grace that went my way. The rest of that evening threw curveballs and yet all aspects I chose to respond to I could control. Still, those outcomes drove my pressure up and I don’t even have pressure. Eventually, I had the time to reflect on that evening, and during that time a few questions came to mind. The most important question of all was: What drove to my responses?

Our God Identity

When you’re a believer it’s impossible to go about your day to day with spaces in your life that are unavailable for God. If we’re completely honest, however, having available space does not mean that we chose wisely when we should access that space. Knowing God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and that we are representatives of our God Identity as we move throughout our lives is one thing. Choosing to exalt His space and guidance above “immediate” (fleshly) desires disguised as needs is something completely different. As such, we must be intentional about our responsibility as Guardians of God’s space in our lives. In guarding that space, His space, it is just as important to keep all pathways to that space free from debris.

And why is this important? This is critical because God works with us not only for us. God requires movement, commitment, dedication, consistency, passion from you for your relationship with Him, and a desire to pivot higher and higher until your time expires on this earth. Although omnipotent and omnipresent our actions can impede His ability to work on our behalf. For example, here are 10 instances where God will never be enough.

1) Although everyone loves a good party, many who like rays from the sun, bubbles, puppies, and windchimes may decline an invitation to a pity party. Self-Loathing sucks the life out of your soul and soils your sacred space. Of all of the items on this list, this is one that can feed all of the others.

Your creation was one that, I imagine, had God popping His robe and filling rivers with wine for all to share. Imagine how it must feel to have to watch your creation filled with the anointing of your gifts wallow in self-hatred, pain, insecurity, and doom?

In this space, you poison the very vessel God needs to occupy to make you whole. You’ve filled the cavity of your temple with foul, putrid energy that has crowded His space leaving no room for Him to dwell. As powerful as God is, He needs you and if loathing is at your forefront, your first choice and priority, then what God has to offer will never be enough.

2) Contrary to what social media shows us, God expects us to proudly show up as our authentic selves. God is pretty straight forward with his Creations and there is one and only one of each of us. This means there is no room for personas and Representatives.

It’s like slaving over a hot meal because you know your children are having friends over. You set the table, call them down for dinner, and see your extremely intellectual, clean-cut son wearing black eyeliner, a plaid shirt, and ripped pleather pants with hiking boots and a skull belt buckle.

For you, it’s a costume because you KNOW him but to his friends, this is who he is. Then, to add insult to injury, your son is asking you for advice and support for his “representative”. How do you support your son in being a caricature of himself to people who don’t even know him much less love him?

If you wear multiple faces in this world (and it’s not a requirement to earn a living), is it reasonable to expect prayers on the behalf of your “representative” to be acknowledged by the one person who KNOWS who you, His Creation, really is?

Remember, you were created perfect and, in His image, so how could His greatest Creation feel so disconnected that s/he would want to pretend to be someone else? Fighting to remain in this constant state of pretending may let the saga continue for you while almost ensuring God will never be enough.

3) We were made to connect and form communities. In creating communities, we find common accords in which we not only connect but flourish. The trick to communities is each member maintains their own identity while being supported and encouraged by others.

Although we share a common connection, individuals should feel as though they can move and thrive at their own pace and still be an integral part of the community. If, however, the common connection begins to disrupt one’s sense of self to a point where keeping up with others and their pace comes before what works for you and your life, you have stepped into the space of an idolater.

Yes, you read correctly. Idolatry is defined as “extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone.” A connection to a community with the common thread of material things, activities, etc. that becomes so significant that the experience becomes compulsive and addictive is problematic. There is a pace and if staying at the pace of the community begins to feel like a necessity, the community is filling a void.

But how can one know for sure if this is their situation? If there are anxiety and reluctance that comes with the process of slowing the pace of participation for yourself and letting the community as a whole know you need to unplug and be supported differently, there is work to do.

If the idea of disconnecting to reevaluate and reconnect to balance is farther down the priority list in the face of impending self-destruction, the roadway to your Scared Space may as well be littered with the corpses of roadkill. The effort exerted to maintain this poisonous pattern will almost ensure God will never be enough.

4) Most have experienced the nosey neighbor who has absolutely nothing to do of value in their life so they perch in a window and watch the lives of the living. This person knows all of the ins and outs of the community and the neighbors within eye-shot. There are assertions made and conclusions drawn about what is seen.

As if this is not enough, the gaps of stories that have been filled-in are shared with others who were not privy to the events of that day. The truth is facts are subjective and opinions are putrid when sharing incite discord. You may not be that neighbor and you don’t have to be. If you make judgments and form opinions about someone or make judgments and share them with others, you are no different than the neighbor.

The neighbor’s perspective is superficial. For all that is seen, there is one hundred times that which will remain unseen. Even if the neighbor is privy to a version of what s/he sees from one half of that home, that still is only part of a complete picture. In short, it isn’t the neighbor’s business to form an opinion, share an opinion, pick a side, or speak a conclusion.

Being judgmental speaks volumes about the one sitting in judgment. Souls of God are drawn to curiosity and compassion. Those souls know the story as it appears leaves much untold. Yet, in-between the blurred lines of the superficial are a journey with a past, present, and a future still in the process of being shaped to later be told.

That future involves people on missions with battles to be fought and wars to be won – just the same as the onlooker. When your time is dedicated to telling the story of soiled moccasins after they have arrived at your door, as though that destination is the end of a journey, when you don’t know the stage of that journey, you’ve missed the moccasins importance and your value.

Judgment accomplishes us devaluing others' journeys while drawing us farther from personal growth and ascension. Focusing on the pain of others keeps you bound, broken, and incapable of the kind of self-assessment that fosters a space of healing and purposeful action led by God; almost ensuring He will never be enough.

5) God, the Sugar Daddy? Yes, this is a thing. And before you scoff at the idea of God all like Ron Isley as Mr. Biggs in R Kelly’s videos with a lime green fur, iced out Rolex, and strategically dyed gator loafers with the penny in them, let me add some context. God in the context of the “Sugar Daddy” comes into play with those who believe God must show and prove; show them something before they do the work to prove their dedication to a life of spirituality.

It’s like God owes them to prove He will come through in the way they want, when they want, and how they want BEFORE they are willing to uproot their daily routine in His name for His glory. In this scenario, the girl in the video would have something to offer Mr. Biggs. In real life, however, God serves to amplify His anointing within you IF you are willing to humble yourself - thus proving you are a viable candidate to receive the blessing

Now, as sad as it is to say, most don’t come pleading to God when they are on easy street. So, imagine the gall of having stipulations for your Creator who was chilling watching the antics of Angels when you arrived all sweated out with worldly turmoil and demands.

You’re so immersed in the trials and tribulations of the flesh that you forgot what was already sacrificed on your behalf. You missed the fact that your salvation isn’t owed but already paid for. How can we come in a space owing with immediate needs and offer contingencies for us to comply to receive relief? And much to your dismay the Angels continued their antics; the show must go on. When we come, we need to come correct – humbled, open, and embracing our place in the natural order and scheme of things. Or, come as you are with visions of God as your Sugar Daddy pulling up with rims still spinning when He stops to audition for a spot He must earn as YOUR savior. In this headspace, God can never be enough.

6) There is nothing that can’t be changed when it is faced. From a gut-wrenching medical diagnosis to the death of a loved one, there is a way to cope, remain balanced, and figure a way forward. Of course, the words on the page, or screen, oversimplify the process and shred the actual time it takes to emotionally get to a space of peace and normalcy.

Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction and, just the same, comfort is accessible in reality and not a fairytale. During the most challenging times in life where emotions seem to almost restrict your ability to breathe, the urge to escape can feel like the most natural “best course of action”. Why sit in spaces crowded by your anxiety with a mind so full there isn’t a crevice open to decide what you want for dinner much less what the next minute will be used for?

Staying mentally connected to “what is” with no sense of “what will be” while wearing your armor of faith is the spiritual thing to do. Stay and pray for resolve and at least a good night’s sleep. Or unplug and create a space where what is needed is readily available. There will be time to “deal”. Until then, settling for the ability to “do” and get as far away from relinquishing control and relying on patience you don’t have or have the energy to find feels like a better fit.

The reality will be there and there is no telling how long it will stay. There will always be time, right? The thing is time in the physical world is not the same as God’s divine time and timing. Creating a false reality is tricky in that the escape is temporary and needs to be fed consistently. After a while, the false reality can become the new reality leaving no space for a will or way to be made by God. The choice would have to be made to, in a moment’s notice, abandon the false sense of comfort and safety that has created a complacent limbo in day to day life.

Eventually, the break can be made but as long as the agenda is to protect the space you built in your mind to support the imaginary land in your life, God will never be enough.

7) Behold! Shiny and sparkly things get our attention! The way they catch and throw the light is amazing to watch. And the longer you look the more captivating the light show becomes. In this day and age, the power of visuals has become the tool of choice because people love to see shiny, sparkly gifts and talents on display.

Millions sit still and watch the countless shows unfold and as they do onlookers fall into many categories, two being: those who admire and those who envy. This is the reason why personal movement toward your unique anointing, be it discovery or practical application, is so very important. Comparison is not only a confidence killer but it is a major insult to God. As you peer through a window and are blinded by the many facets of this person’s gifts, the intricacy of that magic seems to intensify the longer you gaze on.

Their beauty should inspire and fuel not deplete and instill doubt to onlookers. When we understand we are witnessing God’s gift at work through one of His many children, that beauty is an example of trusting His process. That beauty lives in us all although the expression of it will take many different forms. Some of that beauty lives in you and He is waiting for you to connect with Him so others can behold His glory through your window.

Yet, some sit and wait for the perfect time to come instead of understanding when you were born, the show started. The stage was set, the lighting perfected, the seats were filled, and your lines were embedded in your DNA. You were born with the gift, trained along your journey, and now all that’s missing are you stepping on that stage in front of the window and perfecting your craft. God is your coach and as long as you’re listening and moving, his guidance is free.

Still, some will look into that window over there and sit. Until we learn to trust that a version of the magic, sparkle, and shine we admire lives in each of us and move for ourselves without the need to be like anyone else, God will never be enough.

8) “When in doubt, bounce the hell out” was a saying a silly friend from the neighborhood used the throw out there. See, he was a Lady’s Man and like honey to bees in high school. I mean, he was the total package to those who liked that packaging. This was back in the “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt’em” Days when balloon pants, high top fades, and deep house underground parties were all the rage.

JM was a melting pot of everything dance. He could be all “Too Legit to Quit” in one moment than doing a ballet-inspired spin while grabbing his toe as he gracefully spun down to the floor and posed through the ending of “Can You Feel It” by Larry Heard. What he did at parties caused physiological reactions to girls who his moves were able to captivate. I didn’t get it. Maybe because he was a close friend of my family and I knew how weird he was.

So, the women lined up and rumor has it many were given what they thought they wanted. JM was a good guy but like most who are young, he didn’t make the best decisions. So, when things got complicated, he “bounced the hell out”. Looking back on it, leaving must have been offered as a solution for JM early on. He always joked about bouncing before the women and responsibilities began piling up.

In many ways, checking out can become the perfect release of life’s pressure cooker. In tense moments, the immediate gratification distance and disconnection bring appears worth the inconvenience. It may seem to readjust time in your favor and afford you the freedom to create options that will work for the situation. Then, life continues. Gaps begin to fill, newness is refreshing, and eventually, when the time is right, we can address that old thing we left.

Or, maybe we can just move forward and be a better version of ourselves than we were with that old stuff, right? Maybe? Change is always good but running should never be mistaken for change. Running requires conscious, precisely calculated movements away from responsibility, acknowledgment, and atonement. Running disconnects us from spiritual growth and God’s ability to demonstrate His answer for your freedom from the situation. Once you have done all you can, you stand.

As long as the mission is to continue to maneuver forward beyond accountability the damage will mount and eventually everything you left will catch up with you. In instances like these, some folks say, “You need to get in front of it” meaning address it on your terms instead of allowing the situation to create the terms for you. When you’re this far ahead of your madness while strategizing on creating the right time to go back in time, God will never be enough.

9) Sometimes the simplest things are the very things that living in this flesh will complicate. Being kind to ourselves sounds easy yet at times we are hard on our self without knowing it. There is so much we navigate regularly and it’s easy to side step our inner self as the primary source for the fuel we need. The activation of our internal fuel lies in our ability to see ourselves as worthy enough to show up for ourselves.

This is almost impossible when the choice is made to replay a negative reel in your mind that wipes out the ability for you to connect to the grandeur of your creation. Our brains, the ultimate computer catalogs, stores, and replays information. This process is one that is somewhat automatic yet intentional at the same time. Access to some stimuli is unavoidable but what is stored, maintained, and replayed is always a choice.

Cataloging painful memories, insecurities, fears, doubts, and general negativity serve only to keep us stuck, distance us from our gifts, and dilute our value to God and others in the world. Every soul created was meant to fulfill a purpose-based in service for others. In serving others we feed ourselves and being fed fuels creativity, confidence, a sense of purpose, and an appreciation for the one who made it all possible – God. As long as the choice is to remain on the hamster wheel of reliving the past or taking on fears of “what if”, God will never be enough.

10) What if most things in life could be like that perfect landing I shared at the beginning of this article? Can most things be like that? The answer is deeply rooted in what the individual believes and trusts. Believing is most of the battle won because even when outcomes are unfavorable, we will lean toward seeing what we truly believe no matter what.

If we believe we must prepare for mishaps we will have more instances than not where mishaps arise. If we believe, no matter what, everything happens for a reason and in the end, there will always be an opportunity for us to learn and grow, almost every interaction will look and feel like a purposeful learning experience. We draw to us what we believe and have faith in being the truth.

This is why having no foundation of faith in what is possible is dangerous. Of course, faith wavers in all of us from time to time. But with a strong foundation in faith, it is much easier to find our way back long before the stress causes a domino effect in our lives. Wavering faith is quite different than having no faith or sense that your belief system evokes change. Because God works through us and in doing so expounds upon what we believe, have no foundation in faith or no faith at all almost ensures God will never be enough.

What Drove My Responses

When I sat back in my seat and trusted the pilot’s capability to land the plane safely because I could not do so, I embraced having no control. When I got into the airport and my routine was disrupted, I reacted instantaneously and took the reins. What if I had taken a pause and a breath or two before I rushed into a fix-it mode?

The need to fix-it immediately in the way I felt at that moment is what drove that response. You may say, “Well, given the situation, what other choice did you have?” The point is I’ll never know if I don’t take a pause and take a step back with the emotion removed what other options exist. There are always alternate options. Each instance above puts up a blockade between us and the wisdom of God when we run our agendas.

And the best part of living a life as a believer doing things our way is having a ton of information supporting control being the ultimate illusion. We tend to make moves based on what we think matters. We tend to make moves based on what we want. We tend to make moves with what we believe will bring us the support, status, and the personal sense of meaning we want out of life at the forefront of our minds. That’s all fine and good except who would know better than you how to hit those sweet spots and in the grandest fashion? Who would know that you think you know big but know only what your carnal mind can conger up?

Welp, maybe we don’t think anyone can see those intricacies and that we have it all covered. As long as this is the case, the message in all this will be missed –

Lesson: As long as you are in control, God will never be enough.

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