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Taralyn's Latest Release

"This transparent rollercoaster of emotion will take readers shoulder to shoulder with Taralyn on the ultimate voyage. Witness Taralyn’s discovery of the truth of who she was designed to be by God, the eradication of her false reality in the present, and glory and privilege of her dedication to service under God’s direction in her future."

Taralyn Singletary's new book ”The Ultimate Release” is rich with humor and very intense with real talk that everyone can identify with. The author draws you in with her candid conversation throughout the book with detailed and very descriptive content.


The Ultimate Release is definitely a rollercoaster ride that will have you holding on to your seat and yelling as you turn each page. However you don’t want to get off the rollercoaster because you know there is another jarring dip approaching. Taralyn’s transparency allows you to embrace her inner thoughts while channeling into your very own........

Author, Rochinda Pickens


“Very revealing of your strength from within. The Ultimate Release sends the message that with God’s
help, we can overcome anything. Very Inspirational!”

Elizabeth S.

“The vulnerably written story of a personal journey to which many can relate. One that will push
many to look deeper at what it means to pursue healing while coming to grips with their own
complicity in broken relationships. With breathtaking honesty, the author shares her
metamorphosis that leads to becoming an authentic human being. Not only does the author freely
share her life, she invites each reader into their own transformation.”

Felecia M.

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